courageous stories of growth from a woman who learned to trust herself.

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Why are we so afraid of being naked?

Not just our naked bodies (everyone has one), but the naked truth (which we keep from people mostly out of fear of hurting someone else’s feelings). Is there anything more vulnerable than letting people fully know our true form, whether that be in our physical shape or our deep-seated thoughts and feelings? Is anything more embarrassing than picturing ourselves standing in front of a crowd, naked?

Almost everyone associates nudity with shame because being bare is simply too raw, too real, too painful and exposing—not just physically but emotionally, as well.

But not me.

Not anymore.

“In this life, I think I was just meant to wear the least amount of clothing as possible, to be bold and bare and as wild as I naturally am.”

This is my story of growth.

The story of how I came to peel away the layers I learned to cover myself in that served to keep me safe... but also served to separate me from my own sense of trust in myself. Until I peeled away these layers, my own personal sense of trust, safety, pleasure, and power, would always be just out of reach.

But I've uncovered them now.

My story of healing spans decades, as well as five different countries. It covers major life events and a few small ones; with dozens of teachers and lessons from the universe, without fail delivered right on time.

HOW TO BE NAKED is a collection of the moments that have contributed to learning to trust myself.

It is my hope that in sharing my story - delivered with my own personal brand of sunshine and joy, but without skirting around my pain any longer, that I will inspire you to trust yourself, too.

So... what do you say? Do you want to get naked with me?

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xoxo Cara

trust yourself first.

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